Liverfast offers a quick and non-invasive blood test to identify nafld/nash

One of the biggest challenges in tackling the NAFLD/NASH epidemic is that there has traditionally been no easy non-invasive way to detect it in patients. This is a large reason why there are tens of millions of people in the United States alone that are impacted but do not even know it.

That has changed significantly in the last year as a company called Fibronastics has released widely a simple blood screening test that can be used to detect levels of steatosis, inflammation activity, and fibrosis. The LIVERFASt test uses a machine learning algorithm to examine 10 separate biomarkers from the blood draw and uses a scoring system to provide results which normally cannot be identified without a biopsy.

This means that physicians now have a powerful non-invasive tool to help screen for liver illnesses or gauge the severity of diagnosed liver conditions without biopsy (huge!). Fibronastics has recently announced a partnership with The American Liver Foundation to provide free LIVERFASt tests for individuals who qualify, and most insurance companies as well as Medicare will now cover the tests as well.

The accuracy of the test has been well established with medical studies going back to 2019 concluding that it is both “reliable and reproducible”. The scoring system is easy-to-understand and arms patients with clear & concise information to utilize over the course of their journey with liver disease.

“It is a reliable, and reproducible tool which provides grading or staging of the three elementary features of NASH: steatosis, inflammatory activity and fibrosis”

As biopharma continues to search for effective medical treatments, LIVERFASt will become a critical tool in the early detection of NAFLD & NASH.

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