American Liver Foundation: the original national voluntary health agency devoted to combating the more than 100 types of liver disease.  The ALF directly supports research into liver disease, helps advocate for specific causes, provides educational seminars and hosts a national help line.

*ALF runs a popular private Facebook Group for NASH patients. You can message me if you are interested in joining.

Mayo Clinic NAFLD page: Useful information from the Mayo Clinic, which published the first research paper citing nonalcoholic steatohepatitis in 1980.  While at the time, it was not considered a major threat, the Mayo Clinic has remained at the forefront of NASH research and offers a wealth of information.

NASH Education Program: The non-profit NASH Education Program defines and drives initiatives in collaboration with an independent scientific committee composed of four international key opinion leaders well-known and respected in the hepatic and metabolic disease ecosystems in the U.S. and Europe.  They have helped organize International NASH Day.

Fatty Liver Foundation: Non-Profit aiming to increase education and awareness of NALFD and NASH.

NASH Education Corp: A Pittsburgh-based non-profit started by NASH Transplant survivor Tony Villioti.  You can read a NASH AWARE profile of Tony’s amazing story here.

Carenity: An organization that is designed to help connect patients with one-another through a free social network, complete with friends, newsfeed, discussion forums, private messaging, and curated magazine content. Carenity cover many different disease classes including NASH.