CDC releases new Obesity map for the USA

Yesterday the CDC released their 2017 Obesity data for the United States, and the data is not very encouraging.  Seven states reported obesity rates at or above 35%!


Also troubling are the demographic statistics which show that there are stark differences between race, ethnicity, education, and wealth levels.

Non-Hispanic Blacks had the highest prevalence of obesity (39.0 percent), followed by Hispanics (32.4 percent) and non-Hispanic Whites (29.3 percent)

Adults without a high school degree had the highest prevalence of obesity at 35.6 percent, followed by high school graduates (32.9 percent), and adults with some college (31.9 percent). College graduates had the lowest prevalence of obesity (22.7 percent).

These figures portend dire futures for many millions of American’s whom are possibly already living with NALFD or NASH and don’t even know it.  We must do more to increase nutritional education and to provide healthy, affordable, and easy to acquire foods.

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