Gilead presents new NASH treatment data

Gilead was the first bio-pharmaceutical company to begin major research into NASH related treatments.  They have since been joined by dozens of others attempting to gain a foothold in the space, which is expected to be lucrative based on the percentage of population at risk.

They recently sent Dr. Mani Subramanian, PhD, to speak at the 2018 International Liver Congress, which is an annual event with attendance from researchers and doctors across the globe to discuss and share relevant information regarding all liver-focused diseases and treatments.

“At Gilead, we have a commitment and effort in two broad areas,” Subramanian said. “One is, how can we reduce liver fibrosis in these patients who have advanced fibrosis such as F3 or F4 due to NASH? And the other area … is our efforts to help in the diagnosis of these patients using noninvasive tests that will obviate the need for liver biopsy, which is both invasive and definitely is quite restrictive in terms of broader access.”

Gilead is doing some very interesting things with combination therapies targeting late stage NASH/fibrosis.  They hope to present the findings of these latest tests by early 2019.

See the full exclusive interview Healio held with Dr. Subramanian.

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