Lipotoxicity and NASH

This is a fascinating article full of technical detail about an emerging alternative thesis explaining the progression from NAFLD to NASH.  It also goes into detail about how biopharma company Gilead is pursuing multiple avenues and theories on NASH progression as part of a comprehensive plan to create a medical treatment for it.

Lipotoxicity is determined by the type and amount of lipid that accumulates in the liver as well as the ability of hepatocytes to defend against or adapt to accumulation of that lipid (Neuschwander-Tetri, Hepatology, 2010; Machado et. al. Gastroenterology, 2016). Lipotoxicity arises when hepatocytes are injured by lipids, specifically, free fatty acids and their metabolites (Neuschwander-Tetri, Hepatology, 2010). The growing evidence that lipotoxicity is conveyed by lipids other than TG has prompted development of therapeutic strategies that prevent or treat NASH by blocking hepatic accumulation of lipotoxic lipids.

Check out the very interesting article here.

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