Police Chief Diagnosed With NASH Announces He Needs a Liver Transplant and Receives Outpouring of Support

In an all too familiar story, a police chief in Oak Park Illinois has suddenly found himself needing a liver transplant after being diagnosed with NASH just a few weeks ago.  In an amazing show of support, several potential live donors have already come forward after a social media post went viral in the community.

Chief Anthony Ambrose has been thankful to all of the support and said, “I am a fighter, and I’ll do the best I can every day and that’s it.” He said that he went to the doctor after feeling lethargic and was diagnosed with NASH shortly thereafter.  Like most people he had no idea that anything was wrong.


Chief Ambrose is seeking a living donor, which is also very common because the liver transplant list is ~17,000 people in length, but only about 5,000 donated livers are found each year from the deceased.  Due to the amazing regenerative nature of the liver, slightly more than half of the donors liver can be removed and inserted into the patient and within two months both will have full regenerated.

I’ll be putting up a more in-depth piece on liver regeneration soon.  For now, check out the full story here.

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