Genfit and LabCorp team up to develop NASH diagnostic tests

One of the most difficult challenges with NASH is that it is so difficult to diagnose. While many Biotech companies are working hard to develop a cure for NASH, some are also busy developing new innovative methods to detect NASH without requiring an invasive liver biopsy.

Genfit is one of the few companies due to release Phase 3 trials of NASH treatments in 2019. Not content with focusing merely on a cure, they are also nearing completion of trials on a new blood test for earlier detection of NASH. They have just recently announced a partnership with LabCorp, which will allow them access to a much wider audience for the clinical research required to validate the new test.

The bloodtest uses a novel method known as a “multi-parametic blood-based biomarker test.” The test, named NIS4, uses samples from over seven-hundred patients to establish a combination of biomarkers that aim to provide accurate and dependable detection of NASH and fibrosis.

“We are very enthusiastic to announce this agreement, which represents a major step in GENFIT’s commercial strategy in NASH. The expertise that LabCorp and Covance have in this field will add tremendous value to GENFIT’s pioneering work in developing this innovative technology. I’m excited to see collaborations like this, which will help move the test toward the goal of being an in vitro diagnostic (IVD) to identify NASH patients who should be considered for therapeutic intervention,” – Jean-François Mouney, chairman & CEO of GENFIT.

One of my goals is to increase awareness of NASH amongst the primary medical care community, so that they can take steps to detect the disease earlier. These developments give me great hope that the “silent killer” disease can be stopped in its tracks.

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