The Challenge of Diagnosing NASH

One of the most frustrating parts of the NASH pandemic is that most people suffering from it have no symptoms and absolutely no idea there is even an issue.  Part of the reason for this lack of awareness is because there is no truly definitive way to diagnose NASH other than an invasive biopsy of the liver.

A primary goal of many biopharma companies working on NASH today is not only to find a cure but also to develop non-invasive tests that can conclusively diagnose the disease.  This is important because even with everything that is known about the widespread precedence of the disease routine screening is still not recommended due to uncertainty and costs.  It’s vital that we reach a point where an effective screen for NAFLD/NASH is in widespread use to combat the incidence of the disease.

So how do doctors today determine if someone has NAFLD or NASH?  Here’s everything you need to know. Continue reading “The Challenge of Diagnosing NASH”