Lipotoxicity and NASH

This is a fascinating article full of technical detail about an emerging alternative thesis explaining the progression from NAFLD to NASH.  It also goes into detail about how biopharma company Gilead is pursuing multiple avenues and theories on NASH progression as part of a comprehensive plan to create a medical treatment for it. Continue reading “Lipotoxicity and NASH”

The Challenge of Diagnosing NASH

One of the most frustrating parts of the NASH pandemic is that most people suffering from it have no symptoms and absolutely no idea there is even an issue.  Part of the reason for this lack of awareness is because there is no truly definitive way to diagnose NASH other than an invasive biopsy of the liver.

A primary goal of many biopharma companies working on NASH today is not only to find a cure but also to develop non-invasive tests that can conclusively diagnose the disease.  This is important because even with everything that is known about the widespread precedence of the disease routine screening is still not recommended due to uncertainty and costs.  It’s vital that we reach a point where an effective screen for NAFLD/NASH is in widespread use to combat the incidence of the disease.

So how do doctors today determine if someone has NAFLD or NASH?  Here’s everything you need to know. Continue reading “The Challenge of Diagnosing NASH”

Up to 10% of all children in the USA may have NAFLD

There is not a wide amount of awareness of NASH even among the highest at-risk adults, but there is also an increasingly worrying trend of increased NAFLD & NASH diagnosis in children, some extremely young.  Alarmingly, studies have found that progression from NALFD to more advanced NASH was quicker and more severe than in adults.

There isn’t a lot of empirical data available on younger children and the disease, but several studies have been undertaken in an attempt to understand the prevalence of the disease.


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1st International NASH Day Announced!

In a very welcome bit of news, a coalition of advocacy groups and bio-pharmaceutical companies organized by the NASH Education Program have joined forces to hold the world’s very first International NASH Day on June 12th!

macliverThis is an incredibly important step in ensuring that the public begins to truly understand the magnitude of the NASH epidemic that we are already enduring.

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We cannot be PC about our health

There is a disturbing trend in social health movements to ignore medical realities in favor of mental wellness.  That is, to pretend that a medical condition isn’t a threat because to acknowledge it may hurt someones feelings.  I’m here to tell you that non-alcoholic steatohepatitis doesn’t care about your feelings; it will kill you all the same. Continue reading “We cannot be PC about our health”

Gilead presents new NASH treatment data

Gilead was the first bio-pharmaceutical company to begin major research into NASH related treatments.  They have since been joined by dozens of others attempting to gain a foothold in the space, which is expected to be lucrative based on the percentage of population at risk.

They recently sent Dr. Mani Subramanian, PhD, to speak at the 2018 International Liver Congress, Continue reading “Gilead presents new NASH treatment data”

Let’s Talk About Your Weight

There’s an uncomfortable truth for many individuals to face regarding their health.  Rates of obesity in the USA have increased by an average total of 15% since 1990.  In the majority of states more than 25% of the entire population is obese.  In many more rural states these numbers regularly exceed 35%.  These climbing rates affect a whole host of health issues and have been directly linked to exceptionally slow mortality improvement when compared to other western nations.

America, this is a wake up call.  You’re too fat. Continue reading “Let’s Talk About Your Weight”